KAZGUU University

Overview of KAZGUU University

KAZGUU University, located in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, is a prestigious institution of higher education known for its commitment to legal education, research, and professional development. Established in 1994, it is one of the leading law universities in Kazakhstan and the Central Asian region. With its diverse range of departments, modern facilities, and comprehensive programs, KAZGUU University offers students a transformative learning experience.

Founding History

KAZGUU University was founded with the mission of providing quality legal education and fostering the development of legal professionals in Kazakhstan. Established in 1994 as the Kazakh Humanitarian Law Institute, it aimed to meet the growing demand for legal expertise and contribute to the legal system of the country.

From its inception, KAZGUU University has been dedicated to providing students with a comprehensive education that combines theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and professional ethics. It has played a vital role in shaping the legal landscape of Kazakhstan and has produced graduates who have made significant contributions to various fields of law.


KAZGUU University offers a wide range of departments, each specializing in different areas of law and legal studies. Here are some of its prominent departments:

  • Department of Law: This department offers programs in various fields of law, including civil law, criminal law, constitutional law, and international law. It aims to equip students with a strong foundation in legal principles, critical thinking skills, and an understanding of the legal system.
  • Department of International Law and Diplomacy: This department offers programs in international law, diplomatic studies, and international relations. It focuses on developing students’ understanding of global legal frameworks, international cooperation, and diplomatic protocols.
  • Department of Business Law: This department offers programs in business law, corporate law, and commercial law. It aims to prepare students for legal careers in the business sector, providing them with knowledge of contract law, intellectual property law, and regulatory frameworks.
  • Department of Criminal Justice: This department offers programs in criminal justice, criminology, and forensic science. It focuses on developing students’ understanding of criminal law, investigative techniques, and the administration of justice.
  • Department of Legal Studies: This department offers programs in legal studies, legal research, and legal writing. It aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of legal theory, research methodologies, and legal writing skills.

Courses Offered

KAZGUU University offers a diverse range of courses that cater to various areas of law and legal studies. Some examples of the courses available are:

  • Constitutional Law: This course explores the principles and practices of constitutional law, covering topics such as constitutional interpretation, separation of powers, and fundamental rights. Students gain an understanding of constitutional frameworks and learn how to analyze constitutional issues.
  • International Human Rights Law: This course focuses on international human rights law, covering topics such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, regional human rights systems, and human rights advocacy. Students gain an understanding of international human rights standards and learn how to promote and protect human rights.
  • Business Ethics and Corporate Governance: This course delves into the ethical considerations in business, covering topics such as corporate social responsibility, business ethics frameworks, and corporate governance principles. Students gain an understanding of ethical decision-making in business contexts.
  • Criminal Procedure: This course examines the principles and procedures of criminal justice, covering topics such as criminal investigation, trial procedures, and the rights of the accused. Students gain an understanding of the criminal justice system and learn how to analyze criminal cases.
  • Legal Research and Writing: This course focuses on legal research methodologies and writing skills, including case analysis, legal drafting, and legal citation. Students gain practical skills in conducting legal research and effectively communicating legal arguments.


KAZGUU University, established in 1994, is a leading institution of legal education in Kazakhstan. With its commitment to academic excellence, research, and professional development, the university provides students with a transformative learning experience. The diverse range of departments and comprehensive programs at KAZGUU University cater to various areas of law and legal studies. As the university continues to thrive and contribute to the development of legal professionals and the legal system in Kazakhstan, it remains a symbol of Kazakhstan’s dedication to legal education, justice, and the rule of law.

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